Friday, February 13, 2015

Breaking the Curse

I love being in love with my husband.

I love how he inspires me daily.

I love how my son lights up when I come into a room - that I just left 30 seconds ago.

I just absolutely HATE Valentine's Day.


Because I also love telling my husband that I love him daily. I love kissing him goodnight - every night that he's home. I love grocery shopping together, taking our son to the park, walking the dog, getting ice cream, and being with them as a family.

I love that every day.

So someone please explain to me why I have to spend $50 on crap and make a big deal or a special dinner or spend extra money so that it's a "special" day? What happened to it being Tuesday, so I made your favorite chicken parmesan?

I do make an excellent chicken parmesean, btw. Just sayin'...

I also hate that so much pressure is put on GUYS to do something to impress their women. Hubster asked me what I wanted this year. I just want a nap.
I want a nap without the baby monitor in my ear.

He agreed.

I told him I got him a V-day present. Our taxes are filed.

He was happy. It's the little victories in life.

We've broken the curse of Valentine's Day. How? Being romantic more than one day a year. Hubster hates the smell of lotion, but will clamor to give me a massage while I'm pregnant. He loves that it helps me sleep. He also appreciates that he gets to get to third base ;) I love making his favorite meals, him coming home to lit candles (usually to hide the smell of dog farts, but whatev) and a reasonably clean house. It's V-day because I love him. Not the other way around.

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