Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Warriors

It always seems that weekends have a different game plan that the weekdays. Monday through Friday, I honestly try to run the house like a well-oiled machine. I do dishes every day. The floors get done on one day; bathrooms another; laundry yet another. I don't spend all day in my pj's. Neither does my son.

Unless it's Saturday. Saturday has a schedule all its own. If we want to make muffins and not clean up anything later, that's what we do. If we don't have anything pressing to do, then we do nothing. If it's raining or yucky out; then we stay in jammies and eat as much food as possible without a second thought to the kitchen.

Until Monday. And yesterday was a holiday for the Hubster. So TODAY is Monday.

Holy God... What happened to this place?!

We're slobs. We're worse than slobs. We're tornados of destruction with total disregard for aftermath.

The only solution: A Hoarders marathon

All I have to see is a mouse running around someone else's house and instantly I'm off the couch

Unless I'm blogging.

But it seems like the eternal struggle. I hate doing dishes, but if I don't do them everyday, it spirals out of control. A dishwasher is definitely on the wish list before Tax Deduction #2 comes along.

Maybe I just feel like it's the weekend and I want the weekend off.  Maybe it's denial that we're really this bad. But we are this bad. We're terrible.

And, I'm off to make a dent in the aftermath of a weekend. But first, those muffins are sounding pretty good.

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