Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To That Mom

To the Single Mom,
I see you.
Working your butt off, and seemingly never really getting ahead. Using your last dollar to buy donuts for your kids, while you're still hungry. Using your last drop of energy to swing your kids on the playground. I see you cry. When you have no idea how things are going to work out, or why you've been left alone.
I also see you victorious. I see you accomplishing everything that you've set out to do and more. I see you as more than a conqueror of bills and expectations, but the raiser of My arrows, and the changer of worlds. I am a Father to the Fatherless, the defender of orphans and widows. Don't think for a second that you are alone.

To the Mom whose Babies are with Me.
I see you.
I hold every tear, just as I hold your sweet angel in my arms. I see you as a Mother. I see your heart, your dreams, and your pain. I will hold you, too. If you'll let me. I have begun a work in you, and I promise it will be completed. You are not alone. Your babies are with Me, and they will meet you someday soon. You are their Mother. They will never forget you.

To the Mom of Many
I see you.
Running this way and that way, dropping off, picking up, holding and comforting one child while cheering on another. I see you give your every last drop for those little hearts that I've given you. I promise that what you sow in tears, you will reap in joy. I see the moments where you drop off too sleep, already thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow, my Mercies will be new for your day. Get some rest, and let me handle Tomorrow.

To the Mom of Moms,
I see you.
Watching your daughter have her own babies and her own life and her own struggles, isn't it, Momma. It's so hard to watch your child struggle; I know that. It's hard to watch them fall and learn and be tired and not know what to do. Know that I am teaching them; I am comforting them; I am providing for them. Even when you can't be there, know that I am there for them.

To the Mom Experiencing Infertility,
I see you.
I see the pain you feel when, again and again your hopes of a child vanish before your eyes. Please know, Momma, that I have started a great work in you, and it will be completed. I hear every cry and see every tear and I know you are waiting on me. I am coming. Your heart and your spirit are exactly what I have created them to be. You are a Mother with your whole being.

To the Young Mom,
I see you.
I see the fear that you have of being a good mom. I hear the same whispers that you may hear from others, but please, please listen to Me. I am a Father to the Fatherless and a defender to those who are oppressed. I will teach you. Though you may be young in years, you will have the wisdom of Solomon if you only ask. I will give you whatever you may need to be the Mother that you desire to be. Your child is no accident. I don't make mistakes. 

To the Overwhelmed Mom,
I see you.
I see the race that you run every day, and know every tired step you have taken. Your steps are ordered by me, Momma. If you wait on me, you will mount up on strength as eagles. You will run and not faint. You will succeed where others have failed, and everything that you put your hand to will prosper. Don't grow weary in the task before you, for you will reap great rewards for your tenacity.  

Happy Mother's Day, Mommas.

Pray at Home Mom

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