About Me

Hi! I'm Jenn!! I'm the crazy lady behind This Mommy Prays!

                                          I have these two tax deductions:

I'm a t-shirt and legging kinda gal. Sometimes, I get all adult-y and go teach dance (my second passion after Jesus) or go to church, and I look like this:

But, mostly, I look like this:

Why? Because I'm not perfect. 
I don't give advice on here. 
Because honestly, I'd rather pray and let the Holy Spirit do HIS job, than for me to give anyone ideas on how they can do this on their own. 

No one can do this on their own. 
No matter how many books they read
Groups on Facebook they belong to
or how Christian-y they are. 

Speaking of groups on Facebook?!! 

You should join ours!! 

Click on the "Community" part of This Mommy Prays!

The rules are simple:

1) NO advice
2) NO selling 
3) NO gossip

We pray. 
We pray together. 
We pray God's Word over situations and believe for outcomes
We love unconditionally and without judgement

It's pretty neato. 

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